Lady Libertad (2022) BU 1 Oz. Pure Silver S925 Illusion Bezel Keychain

The ILLUSION (S925) Sterling Silver Bezel backs The Mexican Mint’s (1535) 2022 BLACK’S Lady Libertad/Liberty Keychain.  

Rare is the Mexican Libertad often Minted in much lower numbers than other Coins from Worldwide Mints, making the Mexican Libertad a most Valued Possession as the years go by.  

In Worth as well as Value.  

Here is your chance to have a Libertad and with a Keychain.  Watch as year after year your Coin grows in value.  

Lady Liberty is encased within the S925 Sterling Silver ILLUSION Bezel.  Feel its weight and heft.  

This is one Purchase you won’t ever Regret.


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