Blacks: 2022 1/20th Ounce Pure Gold PROOF Libertad Keychain


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A Black’s First is our 2022 Proof  Libertad Gold (1/20th Ounce) Purely Gold Keychain.  

A Stunner is this one of a kind Gold *Lady Liberty* Libertad Gold Keychain denoting the 2022nd Year of our Wonderful Lives!  You won’t see this Rare Beauty on the Street I can Assure.  Walk Leisurely past Tiffany’s, my Friends.  They won’t have it!  
Likewise in Anyone Else’s Pocket.  

Original and *New* only Black’s can bring you such an item.  Handcrafted by Black’s Artisans with the finest in Gold Components, the Composition of the piece is all the more Striking Gracing the Illustrious and Famous Mexican Angel Golden *Lady Liberty* Perched Proudly upon her Mantel in DF (Mexico City). 

As Gold rises in Dollar Value Daily, And Year after Year, this 2022 Libertad Keychain will grow more and more Valuable with each New Season.  
Think Low, Very Low Mintage for Your 1/20th Ounce Gold 2022 KC Coin.


Dainty.  Light.  Valuable.  Your Golden Libertad Keychain will Shine!


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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 3 in


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