Blacks 2 Chain Carabiner Keychain: A Revolution of The Keychain!



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Reinventing the Keychain
Blacks Carabiner Two Chain Keychain
Our prototype of this product is in the Video
For months Blacks has utilized this Carabine Two Chain Keychain.  Our 1st Keychain of this type.  You’ll notice that the Prototype (In the Video) is not as long as the New Carabiner Two Chain (Gold Or Silver) which is 11 Inches in Length.  Yet the concept is the same.  Our reasoning for having two keychains in one is that our door keys are two and nearly alike.  In the past I would have to rummage around with only one keyring for both keys to open 1st my screen door and then my inner door.  A trying task. I was sifting fruitlessly through the other keys and often getting the wrong key.  But now with two Keychains I can separate the two door keys easily and WHALLA open my front door with a new pleasant minimum of effort.
With the Carabiner I hang the two keychains on the hook inside the home.  Or if need be I can hang it anywhere at anytime in a safe place.  To a Purse a Backpack or any other item in the vicinity that will fit the Carabiner.

Nifty is the word for our new TWO IN ONE CARBINER Keychain.  

You can also utilize the Carabiner to connect Air Tags, or other items that may fit to fulfill your mobile on the go life. 

Each 30MM Keyring means more room for your many keys.  The Carabiner is 30MM as well and can easily clip to your pant loop, backpack or even zipper of your purse.

Then again you can simply slip it into your pant pocket like any other keychain.  You gotta try this… two keychains in one!  I didn’t even realize that I liked this new keychain, myself!  Until suddenly I realized that it began to grow on me.  All my life only One keychain, but like the old saying goes: Two Heads Are Better than One, Blacks Carabiner Two Chain Keychain is a keeper.

Friends, since utilizing the *New* Carabiner 2 Chain Keychain (Over 3 Months, now.) it has taken some wear and tear.  The Gold Carabiner is now a more Copper Color!  And the Curb Chain is not as startlingly Gold.  Yet I could care less!  I simply don’t want another Keychain.  It is Sturdy and I’m now so used to having this 2 Chain Keychain, that I won’t return to just One Chain.  Mostly it sits in my front pocket and feels more substantial than the usual One Keychain, One Keyring, Keychain.  

I’m Hooked!  And I’m the One who Put it Together!  

Try something New Today.  2 Chains Are Better Than One!

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