Stainless Steel (Octagon) SK5 With 5 Replaceable Blades EDC Pocket Utility Knife


Enter the Octagon!

With this multi-purpose Hand Carry Dice and Slice SK5.

Don’t you need a Box Cutter that is handy? One that you can toss anywhere for ready use? Even fits on your keychain for Every Day Carry (EDC) which is a Military Term for a Reason. No Solider would be without a Knife. No thinking one, that is. Let’s face facts, the World is Full of Cardboard Boxes, some with smiles on them! Ever opened up a Package with a Butter Knife! Talk about Frustrating!

Teach those Box Bad Boys that you are not to be Messed With! With this Easy Open Razor Blade Box Opener with an Octagon handle (Replacement Blades Included!). ATTRACTIVE! In two colors Silver and Black (more Colors coming soon!).

  1. Being hard steel, SK5 BLADES will remain sharp longer.
  2. sk5 Edge Retention: SK5 BLADES offers impressive edge, being carbon steel with close to 1%, makes it very hard steel with great edge retention.
  3. sk5 Wear Resistance: Great wear resistance, thanks to the fine grain and Carbon Carbides.
  4. sk5 Toughness: Sk5 is very tough steel with great impact resistance, the steel offers a great balance between hardness and toughness.
  5. In general YES, Sk5 Steel is great carbon steel for knives, it offers great toughness and hardness, which makes a great choice for survival, box cutters, and hunting knives.
  6. Conclusions

    Personally, I love the SK5 Steel it holds an edge for a good time, it comes great as an EDC knife, and the price is very affordable (you can get an Skt-5 knife for 20-40 USD sometimes 10Usd with hard discount), and I guess many knife users share my opinion (especially the Diehard Carbon Knife Fans), so if you intend to buy or own one, I totally recommend it, you’ll enjoy a very tough steel that’s ready to cut and cut hard!.

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