2021 Libertad (Eagle Side) Money Clip

One of Black’s Best Selling Money Clips is the 2021 Libertad. Now (Obversed) The Traditional Lady Liberty of Mexico Celebrating the many Eagles of Mexico on the Front of the fabled One Ounce Silver Viva La Liberty Coin, prized by the World.

Indeed, one of the Iconic Coins anywhere, and anytime is The Mexico Mint’s (est. 1535) Angel Liberty Libertad. This Silver Round is Often at a lower mintage thus the value of the coin can only increase year after year.

You will be the Owner of a Money Clip that goes UP in Value. How many money clips can do that? Few indeed, friends! Blacks sets the Bar Impossibly High, but that’s just the Territory. Necessary!

When it’s Luxury its best with Blacks. And yet again, another example of that Luxury are the array displayed here in your soon to be Plethora of Mighty Eagles of the Greatest Nation, this world has ever known.


Isn’t it time to own a bit of that Greatness?

Stand OUT.

Break from the Usual.

Dull Out!

With Blacks Iconic Clips.

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