Great Movie Wallets: The Godfather, IT, Fight Club and Jaws

Four Great Movie Wallets

Here is that Offer where you cannot refuse.  The Godfather says buy my Wallet!  Or else.  Cool is the word for the Godfather wallet which is sure to get some memories going of this Greatest of Movies.  Mario Puzo’s smash Hit Novel of The Mafia is one of the landmarks of great Novel writing.  Black’s recommends you to read Puzo’s the Godfather!  But for now, please buy the Wallet and watch your friends go green with envy as doors magically open for you and everyone now knows who’s the Man Of The House!  Or Woman! 

Who can forget Stephen King’s wonderful book IT?  The scary and cruel Clown known as IT.  Now that the movie is over we can at least remember IT’s downfall with a certain knowing glee.  His evil and unkind ways put to an end.  “IT” is so very Nice to keep IT as a memory in the back pant pocket!  Certainly a creature to sit on!  Take that!  Clown!  Not since Joker has a Clown been so troubling! 

Brad Pitts Fight Club was Brad at his Beastliest.  In a rip roaring existential romp through fisticuffs to prove who is King Of The Hill.  Brutal, Violence at its most serene dance of pride and circumstance.  A blood feast for the wicked is Fight Club.  A Wallet that any lover of Fight Club is sure to be a Must Have!  Brad himself is sure to have one!  How could he not?  Get yours today!

And finally Jaws?  This wallet is colorful and reminds all around not to go in the Water!  Remember those words?  Steven Spielberg’s 1st Great Summer Movie set the stage for Every Summer Movie to come.  Yep, I mean Star Wars as well.  Now remember those lost victims of the mighty great white, JAWS!  One of the greatest movies of all times is without any argument JAWS!  The sound of that soundtrack alone reminds of this film.  Not since Psycho itself has a film had such a following.  Buy the wallet and remind all of its greatness!

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