BLACKS: S925 Simple Sterling Silver Bezel 2023 *New Year* 1 Oz (BU) .999 Fine Silver American Eagle Keychain


Our Very Popular 2023 Liberty Eagle *New Year* Coin with our Equally Popular *S925 Simple Sterling Silver Bezel* Cradling the One Ounce BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) 2023 Coin is a 1st At Blacks. 

The New Eagle is Iconic Upon both Sunsides of the S925 Simple Sterling Silver Bezel KC and shine with a Fierce Luster and Esteem we at Blacks can assure will take the Buyer by Storm.  

The Year 2023 is fast approaching it’s ending.  You may want to lock in your new Keychain right now.  Why Wait?  Fact is Keychains are not usually expected to gain in Value as the years go by.  But Yours will.  Silver is at the Lowest Prices for years and will someday Rise to all new Heights!  What goes Up will have to stay Up!  Silver has to go!  And so does this Keychain!  

Don’t wait for a Sellout Crowd.  Get it now!  While the Getting’s Good!

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