100 YEAR Anniversary Ruthenium (1921-2021) 24K Gold Leaf PEACE Dollar Keychain

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The Peace Ruthenium Coin if Purely NEW.  All the Components of this 100 Year Commemorative Peace Dollar are Silver.  The Illusion Bezel is Sterling Silver S925 as is the Chain and Jump Rings. The Keyring is stamped S925 Sterling Silver.

All *NEW* 100%

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Here is your chance to enjoy this BLACK RUTHENIUM EDITION Peace Dollar design non-monetary Commemorated Coin. Each of Black’s Morgan Ruthenium’s weigh a full One Ounce (1 OZ Nickel Silver) and measures a large 39mm in size. To commemorate the Peace Dollar’s last Mint (1921) in this 100th Anniversary Double Dated 1921-2021 Centennial tribute. The legendary Peace Silver Dollar is widely hailed as the Queen of America’s Coins. The coin is coated with Black Ruthenium, which is a type of platinum metal that looks like a dark platinum, but is 100 times Rarer. Ruthenium is a chemical element with the symbol RU & Atomic #44. It is a rare transition metal belonging to the platinum group of the periodic table. 


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