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Cuauhtémoc was the Aztec Emperor of Tenochtitlan from 1520 to 1521, making him the last Aztec Emperor. The name Cuauhtémoc means “The Eagle Has Landed”, and is commonly rendered in the American Dialect as “The Eagle”, as in the moment when an eagle folds its wings and plummets down to Land.

This is a name that implies War.

Cuauhtémoc took power in 1520 as the successor of the late Emperor Moctezuma, who was His cousin. Cuauhtémoc’s wife, is known as Isabel Moctezuma and was one of Emperor Moctezuma’s daughters.

Cuauhtémoc Ascended to the Mexican Throne of Power when he was only 25 years old, while Tenochtitlan (Mexico) was being Invaded by the Spanish Horde and Devastated Smallpox brought to Mexico (killing many thousands) by the Spanish Christian Horde in perfect harmony to their beliefs.

After the Spanish Killings in the Great Temple, there were few Aztec captains available to take the position.

Cuauhtémoc’s date of birth is unknown, as he does not enter the historical record until he became emperor. He was the eldest legitimate son of Emperor Ahuitzotl and may well have attended the last New Fire ceremony, marking the beginning of a new 52-year cycle in the Aztec calendar.[4] According to several sources his mother, Tiyacapantzin, was a Tlatelolcan princess. Like the rest of Cuauhtémoc’s early biography, that is inferred from knowledge of his age, and the likely events and life path of someone of his rank. Following education in the calmecac, the school for elite boys, and then his military service, he was named ruler of Tlatelolcan, with the title cuauhtlatoani (“eagle ruler”) in 1515. To have reached this position of rulership, Cuauhtémoc had to be a male of high birth and a warrior who had captured enemies for sacrifice. Cuauhtémoc married the Aztec princess who later became known as Isabel Moctezuma.

He surrendered to Hernán Cortés along with the surviving nobles and, according to Spanish sources, he asked Cortés to take his knife and “strike me dead immediately”. According to the same Spanish accounts, Cortés refused the offer and treated his foe magnanimously. “You have defended your capital like a brave warrior,” he declared. “A Spaniard knows how to respect Jesus even in an enemy.” Cuauhtémoc, is said to have laughed at this comment from the famed explorer Cortes. “I’m not a Christian, but that’s why your here, isn’t it?” Said Cuauhtémoc, according to Spanish sources.

In 1525, Vainglorious Cortés took Cuauhtémoc and several other indigenous nobles on his expedition to Honduras, as he feared that Cuauhtémoc could have led an insurrection in his absence.[18] While the expedition was stopped in the Chontal Maya capital of Itzamkanac, known as Acalan in Nahuatl, Cortés had Cuauhtémoc tortured and executed for allegedly conspiring to kill him and the other Spaniards.  Explorer Cortes had Lied, of course, being a Christian he would need to. 

“So much for Magnanimous Christians”.  Were  Mexican God Cuauhtémoc’s last words.

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