Titanium Coin Box Cutter/Knife + Multi Tool D2 Blade Mini-Gold Keychain


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Multi-Tool, Utility Folding Knife,  Box Cutter, Repair Kit Golden Coin Keychain

Nifty Coin Tool Keychain with Sharp Knife for any number of Tasks!  It’s Perfectly Round to slide easily into the Pocket, Purse of Car Glove Compartment. 

How many times have you wasted Your precious time Searching everywhere for a suitable Knife to Open a Box or Cut some Wire or String?   

Why not have this Coin Keychain Belt Buckle Clip on your Person?   

Nifty is the 6 tools in back of Your *NEW* Gold Coin Utility Knife.  Just Slap one Fitting Out and Pop it in the Magnetic Opening and Screw, Hex or Phillips your way to a tight Screw.  Talk about getting Screwed!


This is One Purchase you will not Regret.  Isn’t the Best Buys the ones we Use, everyday, (EDC) all the time?  
Make this your new Favorite Today!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in


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