100 YEAR Anniversary Ruthenium (1921-2021) 24K Gold Leaf PEACE Dollar Keychain

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100th Anniversary Coin KEYCHAIN of The 1921 – 2021 PEACE DOLLAR COIN

Stunning Ruthenium Black 24K Gold Leaf Accent’s THIS Beautiful Commemorative Peace Coin honoring the 100th Anniversary Minting of the World Famous Peace Dollar!

PEACE was last issued for US Mint Circulation 100 years ago in 1921 (In today’s terms: 2022, that is 101 Smashing Years!) Commemorated in this Ruthenium Black Gold Leaf Beauty!  Rare to find such a treasure as this Coinage.  Ruthenium is a very hard Platinum and is especially difficult to scratch.  Often known as the BLACK Platinum, Ruthenium compliments this Nickel Silver non-denominational coin.  Our Ruthenium coin is NOT a coin you can utilize but with Beauty in a Beast like this I think you’ll want it where it belongs.

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