1936 Ruthenium Buffalo Nickel Keychain With Sterling Silver Illusion Bezel

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Super Brand New S925 Illusion Bezel 1936 Ruthenium Buffalo Nickel Keychain from Blacks.

Our growing Listings of Ruthenium real Coin Keychains has just gained a new following with this Stunner.  Black’s 1936 Ruthenium Silver Buffalo Nickel Keychain.  Surrounded by our “Illusion” Sterling Silver Bezel that highlights this Noble and Powerful Creature that was ‘Coined’ ROLLING THUNDER, upon the American Plains whereby Millions of Buffalos migrated from state to state.

What better way to Celebrate American Native Life than with this 1936 coin turned to “Black Gold”.  Imagine your keys in such a keychain.  Ruthenium is perfect for everyday hard use, it is a Plutonium Metal that is very hard to scratch.  Therefore will look new long into the Future.

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