Great American Women *2022* Quarter Series (S-Proof) Money Clips

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Black’s Silver Shop introduces the American Mint’s American Women Series of Quarters Honoring Great Women of America.  In Money Clips.  Five Quarters for this first year (*2022*) Commemorating the 19 Amendment’s Centennial (100 Year) Anniversary.   Stunningly Beautiful Money Clips each with a Proof Quarter (S – San Francisco) insure that these Great Women of America will never go Unsung!
María Adelina Isabel Emilia “Nina” Otero-Warren (October 23, 1881 – January 3, 1965) was a woman’s suffragist, educator, and politician in the United States. Otero-Warren created a legacy of civil service through her work in education, politics, and public health.
Wong Liu Tsong (January 3, 1905 – February 3, 1961), known professionally as Anna May Wong, was an American actress, considered the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood, as well as the first Chinese-American actress to gain international recognition.
Maya Angelou ~ Born Marguerite Annie Johnson (April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014) She Is An  American Poet.
Wilma Pearl Mankiller (Cherokee: ᎠᏥᎳᏍᎩ ᎠᏍᎦᏯᏗᎯ, Romanized: Atsilasgi Asgayadihi; (November 18, 1945 – April 6, 2010) was a Native American (Cherokee Nation) Activist, Social Worker, Community Developer and the First Woman Elected to serve as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. 
Sally Kristen Ride (May 26, 1951 – July 23, 2012) was the First American Woman in Space and an American Physicist. 
American Women quarters program is a series of quarters featuring notable women
in U.S. history, commemorating the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment to
the United States Constitution.  The
United States Mint is issuing five designs each year from 2022 to 2025 for 20
total designs. One woman will be honored on the reverse of each coin, selected
for “contributions to the United States in a wide spectrum of
accomplishments and fields, including but not limited to suffrage, civil
rights, abolition, government, humanities, science, space, and arts.” The
obverse depicts George Washington with a new design.
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Each Quarter is Proof Stamped S on the Obverse (Washington) San Francisco. With a Mint Circulation (Uncirculated) of Approximately 300,000 for each of the 5 American Woman Series Quarters. The Money Clip is New.

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Sally Ride, Maya Angelou, Wilma Mankiller, Anna May Wong, Addelena Otero


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