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Elon and Trish were whisked into the inner sanctum of Nabu. Elon informed the management that Onimoto would be arriving and to send him right up. He let them know that Onimoto must be recognized and the management wisely brought up his photograph from the internet so that the Door could recognize him. With this done Elon and Trish entered the room reserved for the famous. They entered the room with knowing indifference. Elon immediately went to his table at Lotus and he and Trish were immediately given drinks. Elon lit up a cigarette and the music was loud and rather exciting. Many were already here and as the night continued the party only increased in excitement and frequency. Everybody seemed to be having a good time. Then, suddenly, Sneaks of DC3 entered Lotus with his entourage. Everyone including Elon were excited and amazed to say the very least. Here was the biggest and greatest Rock singer currently on earth. Champagne, Don Period, suddenly appeared for everyone and no one even bothered to do their coke in the bathrooms. Such behavior these days seemed to eighties for everyone involved. The music took on a new mood and the thump, thump, thumping of the songs propelled everyone into greater and greater states of ecstasy. Everyone was dancing, drinking. Everyone was loud and they all suddenly realized that this night was one to remember. Creatively things were suddenly back to an all time high and ideas, thoughts and actions flowed with a great and exciting new and powerful energy.

Brown, Clay Scott. The Attic Dweller . Kindle Edition.


DAYTRIPPING The next day at home, Elon was unhappy in just about every way. The Conflict with Sport was something that seemed to weigh very heavily upon his shoulders. He and Trish had returned home in a very quiet way. Neither said much and their entire evening had been pretty much destroyed. They basically just went right to bed.

Brown, Clay Scott. The Attic Dweller . Kindle Edition.

“Hi. It’s Elon.” “Hey.” Sport said. “Well, I didn’t want to have things end that way, Sport. I guess I was angry, right?” Elon Said in very unfamiliar territory of course. “I saw that Elon,” Sport said, and for the first time Elon actually detected some actual emotion in Sport’s voice. It was a very surprising moment for Elon and one which he wasn’t going to forget. He’d finally, at least, “got in there” a bit, under Sport’s skin, that is. “Do you want to apologize to me personally this time, Sport, about all that last night?” Elon asked gently.

“Yeah I’m sorry about last night.” Sport said. “What more can you say to me, Sport?” Elon asked. “Elon that I should listen more to you?” Sport said a bit perplexed. “Yes Of course but what else Sport?” Elon said. “That maybe I deserve this.” Sport said. “That’s a little better… but there is much more Right?” Elon asked firmly this time to Sport. “Yes,” Sport paused trying to understand anything, something that might please Elon about last night’s trouble. “What else do I need to hear, Sport?” Elon said with a bit of anger in his voice. “That I’m going to do anything for you to make up for it.” Sport said finally. Sport was a bit pleased to have finally found the answer that maybe Elon might need here. “Good. That’s not bad, Sport.” Elon said this almost tenderly, he suddenly felt very sorry for Sport, not in the usual stupid way that is a put down, but in that way where at least Sport was learning something, finally about how real people operate. It was nearly impossible to drum these facts into Sport’s head. Of course, Sport wasn’t stupid, but as has been revealed before, Sport just didn’t do anything against his own nature and letting him in on these important social matters was like teaching a child to circumnavigate the Globe. Difficult but Elon felt that the juice here was suddenly getting very interesting indeed. Sport seemed almost willing to obey his every wish and whim. To someone of Elon’s great and commanding depth Sport was suddenly looking just a bit more attractive. But it wouldn’t do to “let up on him” as it were. Just all this was going Elon didn’t really know or care because this

was turning into something actually sexual. Elon seemed to forget the so called gay thing for a bit and let up a bit on that, as it were. Straight men, after all, hated gays most fiercely, even though they always did many things to hide these inner truths and boy secrets. “Can we meet again I just want to!” Sport blurted out rather desperately in fact. It sure wasn’t a scripted moment and Elon had to smile about this coming out of Sport who always seemed to be so compacted and unemotional in every single way. “I’m not sure yet, to be honest Sport, I don’t really know if you deserve my company. After all, you haven’t been pleasant of late.” Elon said. “Okay,” Sport said crushed to the bone. “I guess you’ll never call or something, right? I just wanted to know you.” Sport said nearly crying now. “But you don’t know me, Sport. You’re someone, remember, who met me not because of myself, but because of that sordid business with Jerry, which by the way, I still haven’t gotten all the facts together about. By the way did you set this up? I want the truth, Sport, and if you lie I’ll find out about it and I think you know what that would mean.  I want the truth about that Sport.” Elon said. “Shit!” Sport said completely taken off guard, his emotions were all over the place and then suddenly Elon had brought out the whole business of the origins of the beginning of all this. “I had nothing at all to do with any of it Elon.” Sport said desperately. “It happened just like it did, and Jerry decided to let me back in his life, for some reason. You know.” “Did Jerry fuck you?” Elon said very angrily.

Brown, Clay Scott. The Attic Dweller . Kindle Edition.






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